Peace Learning Center

The Peace Learning Center of Indianapolis educates, inspires and empowers people to live peacefully.pcl

Our vision is to build a community of peace where respect is primary and justice is real. Through the modeling of behaviors, community collaboration, and by providing services, we value:

  • Peaceful resolution of all conflicts
  • Strength of diversity in our community
  • The potential of youth
  • Responsible stewardship of the environment and community resources

Since 1997, Peace Learning Center, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit located in Eagle Creek Park, has impacted the lives of more than 175,000 people locally and internationally. Peace Learning Center’sapproach to social emotional learning and bullying prevention involves engaging the entire school community to change the culture of the school into a place where differences are embraced, youth have a voice, and everyone can coexist peacefully. Peace Learning Center programs empower youth to be peacemakers while inspiring them to take responsibility for their education and their actions. Peace Learning Center’s youth programs have been recognized by the Indianapolis Crime Prevention Task Force report as “a local ‘best practice’ that has demonstrated the effectiveness of teaching young adults and at-risk youth creative ways of resolving conflicts, personal responsibility, and character building.” As a result of this report, Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard recently named Peace Learning Center as one of his lead partners in crime prevention in an Indianapolis Star article.

It all started with a few people concerned about neighborhood and family violence in Indianapolis and grew to a community educational institution promoting peace-building and conflict resolution with programs replicated in eight US cities and five countries.

We work directly with schools, community nonprofits, businesses, juvenile correctional facilities, and faith groups to facilitate peace education sessions.

At Peace Learning Center, we believe everyone can be a peacemaker. Each of our sessions is designed to teach safe and simple ways to manage anger, solve problems, and develop appreciation for differing perspectives.

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