heartOur Mission

To foster compassion and respect for all living beings and the environment by educating youth and teachers in Humane Education.

Our Services

HEART was incorporated in November of 2001 and operates as a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity.

HEART’s services are specially designed to provide a combined focus on human rights, animal protection and environmental preservation. Our direct services to educators and students, as well as our advocacy efforts, enable us to significantly impact the way young people think about their responsibility to one another, animals and the natural world. By linking our age-appropriate instructional program to our service-based learning program, we give students the tools to make positive changes. We are the only full- service provider of humane education in the New York City, Chicago, Indianapolis and Portland (Oregon) areas and we offer our services at no cost to public schools and non-profit agencies.

  • Humane Living Program An integrated character and humane education instructional program for students of all ages.
  • Teacher Training Professional workshops and classroom presentations that introduce humane and character education to teachers and provide them with the tools to implement this instruction in daily classroom lessons.
  • Humane Education Consulting Individual guidance and instruction to administrators and teachers on how humane education can be infused into school curricula.
  • Advocacy Raising awareness about and securing support for humane education in the educational and governmental sectors.

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